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Advice and tips

Should you stretch or not?
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As with many topics in the health and fitness area, this is a topic with a lot of different opinions. Some people love to stress the importance of a few stretches here and there, while others oppose it since it … Read More

Weekend Treats: 2 delicious Vegan breakfast ideas
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Have you ever been curious about breakfast choices of a Vegan diet? In the Western culture, we incorporate a lot of dairy and animal products within our choice of breakfast, and as a Vegan, these are a definite no-go! You … Read More

Time for some yoga!
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Why do Yoga people always seem so relaxed, happy and able to perform crazy poses? The reason is that Yoga is both a spiritual and physical way of exercising dating back many centuries to India where it evolved. It’s quite … Read More

Challenge yourself
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Why you should challenge yourself sometimes Sometimes everything just becomes routine. From our everyday tasks to the workout we follow: we sometimes reach a point, where we know exactly what we are going to do. And that is fine, routine is … Read More

Weekend Treats: Sweet Potato and Avocado scrambled eggs!
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It looks beautiful, is full of good nutrients and will make your start into the morning unforgettable: Sweet Potato and Avocado scrambled eggs.It is the sweet potatoes that give this recipe its unique flavor, and it combines their natural sweetness … Read More

These push-up progressions will boost your strength
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It is the most common body-weight exercise and everyone has done it before. It might surprise you to hear, however, that there is a whole world of related push-up exercises that allow you to adjust your body-weight training to any level … Read More